Avocado Face

A grass-root company located in the heart of Babylon, New York where Avocado Face was invented in a small little white house full of love.

Avocado Face came to be by having fun experimenting with carrier oils and essential oils with my family. The kids loved it so much that we created a name that everyone would love and remember, Avocado Face. We all began using Avocado Face for many different reasons. Jackson for eczema, Alex because it smelt good, Annie for dry skin and me for lines and wrinkles. When we all started to see great results we decided to share Avocado Face with the world. We are in the beginning stages but this year alone we have donated over 1,000 bottles of Avocado Face to children's clinics, nursing homes and families in need. There is nothing more rewarding than to hear someone say, "I love Avocado Face". We use simple natural/organic ingredients that are placed in a easy to use bottle for dispensing. This makes it easy for seniors and children (of course under parental guidance) to use. No spills, just shake, turn upside down, let drops drip into hand and apply to face or area of skin that needs a little extra love. Heal and hydrate with Avocado Face.

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